We are a small group of people with a passion to train dogs and a desire to help people.
What could be better than to train dogs to help people. Our staff at this time is a trainer, two puppy raisers,
and 3 voluteers.  This may seem small but our years in training animals is around 45 years.


Fran Morford (founder)
Started training and showing horses at 12 yrs old.
Married only to discover horses were not in our budget with three Children.
Breed and showed Rottweilers for 14 years. Obedience and conformation.
4/H advisor for dogs for 5 years.
Work as vet tech for 3 years.
Puppy Temperament Tester 7 years
Formed Wagmor 4 years ago.

 Puppy Raiser

Cindy Engelbrecht
Raised and showed Standard Schnauzers for 12 years.
4/H assistant advisor 5 years  

 Our Dogs

 We like to use Labradors Retrievers and Labrador or Golden mixes.
We do not limit our pool of dogs by using only rescue dogs. My main objective
is to find dogs of sound temperament and health.  We temperament test all our
dogs so if a mix is of the right size and temperament we are glad to add them
to our program. We also use registered Labradors.  We do not have a breeding
program. After 14 years of breeding I know how hard it is, so I leave that to the
breeders. That way I can temperament test the litter and only take the one or two
that is suited for service work .

We also support our local spay, neuter programs to help with the overpopulation
problem. As a breeder I think everyone needs to be aware and contribute to stopping
the over breeding of unwanted pets.